Såg idag att Irene Sekulic som fotograferade mig i söndags har en blogg, dock skriver hon på Italienska så jag var tvungen att översätta det via google translate. Vilket kan var lite knepig översättning ibland… Men jag blev i alla fall super glad när jag läste vad hon skrivit i sin blogg om mig och söndagens fotografering. så här skriver hon:

Every production of a catalog is a story in itself … and I must say this is one of the aspects I like most about my job.
The mess never ends, that’s for sure and I live in the skin, but there are some productions in which you feel at home, the atmosphere is friendly, we help with simplicity and without pressure. On Sundays I try to ”not work” for even I have my day off, which seems easier said than done. Lately I’m pretty liege, but some exceptions I can do, especially if the weather is like this.
… I fell in love. Yes! machine vintage yellow … =) I have asked at least 10 times the make and model but alas, distracted and drawn to that piece of history canary yellow I completely forgot … I daydreamed be able to leave around that car, get to Tarifa and take a trip back in time … and I find it difficult to express surprise when we walked into the store and saw all the other classic cars … oh my … a beauty, details, lights, seams of the chapel of the seats, the colors, the shape …. on these occasions the child in me jumps out and do not control! Sooner or later I can take an old van seventies and put it in place, I had to also get to be 70 years old I am!
It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the weather pleasant, peaceful, will also be with you Irina Shiny Silk over the years has established a relationship of friendship as well as mutual respect and work so it’s definitely nice, then if we add another interesting surprise well .. I bingo! I can say it since I came here in Marbella and that I’m interested in this job I want ”My blond model” … yes, it’s a bit ’strange as well, but the concept is contained in that ”my”. I am an esthete, I love the beauty in its most natural and spontaneous in nature and are brought to seek it and a bit ’in all things and aspects … I was fortunate in these two years of work to meet two beautiful models that I was deeply inspired and ”in love” … Naima Bossi and Andrea Karolina, both brunettes, very different from each other …. but … no blondes that really convince me at all … not that I have seen or encountered in many casting … and yesterday, a beautiful Swedish 28-year old … I got here, I would say statuesque, thin but not too much, physical maintained, blonde hair ”Sweden”, high volume and effort on her part …. it’s her? I definitely liked her, considering the lack of experience, I am very curious to see what I can do with her …. I will let the things go and see what happen!


Wohoo vilken respons, så himla glad!!!!

Denna bilden la hon även upp på sin blogg.


6 tankar kring ”Wow!!!!

  1. Mamma

    Oh vad skoj o Spännande . Jätte fina foto dom som man fått se , ska bli spännande o roligt att få se dom andra också när dom är klara .

  2. Johanna

    DU ÄR SÅ JÄKLA BALL 😀 stolt kompis här, du förtjänar verkligen vartenda fint ord i världens alla lexikon. You go girl!


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